Welcome to OpenHardware.net!

      Welcome to the newly renovated OpenHardware site. Since the site was first established in 2000, it has been a place for me to put information that I wished to share with others. The site's mission has not changed, I still remain committed to sharing information about embedded systems and embedded linux.

      The information you find here is free for you to use as much of it is covered under the GPL. There may be exceptions to this, some site content may specifically carry a different copyright. Please take the time to check as honoring copyrights is "the right thing".

TopWho am I?

My name is Tom Walsh, I have been working with electronics for about 30 years now. I started out as an "Electronics Bench Tester" and ultimately worked for the last company as a "Embedded Systems Engineer". I currently do contract consulting work for various clients and have been self employed since 1997.

The bulk of my experience has been with embedded systems. I've designed hardware using the 8051, 80C188 and now ARM processors. In addition to hardware design, I write a lot of software.

Over my career, I have also done a lot of circuit board layout. Currently, I use EagleCAD running on a Linux host. Yeah, Linux is another of my passions, I ditched Microsoft operating systems / software in 1999 and have never regretted that descision. Linux allows me to be a lot more productive!